Transforming Traditional Hiring Techniques via Psychometrics Testing

Psychometrics refers to the process of psychological measurement wherein skills, knowledge, personal traits, abilities, academic achievement, attitudes, etc. are measured for the purpose of understanding an all aspects of an individual job candidate. Today, in this age of technologically advanced setups and immense competition every decision has to be justified and there is no room for errors especially when a company is hiring. Today, psychometrics is considered to be best practices when recruiting. Organizations that want to build a dream team and are serious about not only attracting the best candidates but also retaining the finest talent must rely on psychometric tools.

Gone are the days when candidates used to be recruited based on a series of tests and face to face interviews!!! Companies still need to ensure their staff receive regular training, assessments, appraisals and so on. Today, psychometrics is not just a combination of verbal, numerical and reasoning tests. A whole new generation of experts and social scientists have modified the tools that best suit the current business climate in a technologically advanced setup. Patricia Webber, the CEO of Alpha Deliberative, UK who is also the developer of Psychometrics for Change Management, stresses the importance of utilizing testing so as to ensure that employees and clients work under ideal conditions.

Patricia Webber along with other experts in her field are using a dynamic approach to psychometrics, Patricia’s approach includes focus on global trends whilst taking a holistic approach to HR. “Looking at your team as a group of disparate individuals is the way of the past” explains Patricia. “With a new, holistic approach to psychometrics, you can create a ‘dream team’ comprised of complementary personality types”. The concept of Building a Better Mousetrap is now used by many corporations and small business who are adapting to the science of psychometrics for the purpose of winning customers.

When businesses can assess the personalities of their ideal customers, they can design and modify their services and innovate further with a tailored offering. Having said that, Psychometrics in businesses is highly effective, target oriented and technologically advanced. However, not all methods rely on technology or artificial intelligence. The conventional Meyers Briggs Personality Test now known and updated as the Trait Test helps recruiters gain valuable insights into the shortlisted candidates. “One of the main things that I concentrate on is looking at people’s different personality types, and advising clients on how a selection of diverse but complementary types can help their organization”, adds Patricia. She stresses that it is not about getting hold of the best CV but an individual who can best complement and fit into the existing team.


Alpha Deliberative, based in London, United Kingdom is an online business consultancy firm with primary focus on strategy, operations, organization, operations and practical actions. Patricia Webber is head of consulting psychology at Alpha Deliberative.