Senior management, executive management, or management team – call it what you will, a great business is run by great people with an abundance of skills, passion and great training.

As soon as new talent becomes part of the company we have a duty to build on our investment and help develop their skill set.

So what makes a good senior level manager, and what traits should we be looking for? In which areas can training help the growth of an individual’s talents?

They seek out new learning opportunities

Many organisations don’t invest enough in their staff, especially high-level talent. Development offerings such as feedback, assessments, coaching and mentoring can be excellent ways to keep expertise inside a company while developing a career path for talented individuals.

An outstanding senior level manager will benefit greatly and understand the usefulness of training, indeed they will probably be pushing for it themselves or be looking for their own learning opportunities outside the company already.

Being able to harness this willingness to learn and succeed sets a great example for the rest of the team.

They look to better themselves outside their current role

Many good Senior Level candidates will be active members in many different areas outside the business. They will be adept at self-PR and marketing themselves and the company they work within.

They may be working to increase their contacts through networking events, being part of community projects or club and charitable organisations.

There is a diverse set of leadership skills to be learned by taking part in these pursuits, not to mention being able to capitalise on any opportunity that may arise to do business within a respected social circle.

Many people may find this difficult but the rewards of networking are well documented and can be honed with effective training and strategies.

As one mentor once maintained, “never miss an opportunity to do business!”

In conclusion

This area interests me a great deal from both a personal and professional perspective. Great management can lead to a passionate work force that creates great results. Results bread confidence.

Finding the right senior management material for a business can be a tricky and time consuming but it is imperative to put in the hard yards at the beginning to ensure you find the right candidate.

Once that has been achieved continual investment in training should not be overlooked. Not only does this invigorate the individual talent but increases their effectiveness within your business, building your company’s investment.